TeXclip v4.0

Renderer Mode


  1. Write LaTeX source in editor above
  2. Click “Generate” button on sidebar
  3. Copy & paste generated image or download .eps .svg files

Editor Shorcuts

Generate Ctrl+S Copy Ctrl+C
Find Ctrl+F Paste Ctrl+V
Cut Ctrl+X Replace Ctrl+H


  • You can retrieve TeX-code from images pasted in PowerPoint (see this).
  • At every image generation, LaTeX source is stored in browser history. Use browser Back / Forward button or history window to retrieve them.
  • Click color palette while selecting text to color the text
  • Multiple cursor/selection is available by Ctrl + click/drag


TeXclip depends on many open source projects. While it is difficult to list enormous number of the projects on which TeXclip depends, I especially would like to acknowledge TeX Live / dvipng (Image generation) / Ghostscript (EPS generation) / dvisvgm (SVG generation) / Ace (online code editing).

TeXclip is developed and maintained by Ichiro Maruta.